Thursday, July 30, 2009

Be Warned

Quick note...I will be back in two weeks. Sorry for the lack of updates but Florida has proven busier than I expected. I will return to my regular postings soon...I promise.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Competing with a cartoon?

Gotta love south Florida weather! I'm not being sarcastic either. One minute - beautiful sun - next minute - wicked thunderstorms. That is one thing there isn't a lot of in north Georgia...thunderstorms.

Friends and family have been keeping me pretty busy down here. I've been spending more time at the ocean than I thought I would be. Saturday, me, KC, Stephro, and Stephro's family went out on Stephro's boat. I so wanted to go for a swim in that beautiful ocean but I was sure that with this cast on my leg that I would sink. But DAMN was I tempted. I've got this water proof boot to cover the cast and all but still. Besides, Stephro wouldn't let me and KC threatened to tell friends are wicked sometimes.

Sunday, I went school clothes shopping with my family. It was weird being pushed around the mall in a wheel chair by my mom. When I finally got away from her for a moment, me and my brother contemplated how I could go down the escalator in the chair. I was sure I had it figured out but Mom busted us and scolded us for even thinking about it. I felt like I was five but laughed my ass off because Mom was on the verge of laughing the entire time she was giving us the third degree.

Last night, two of my nieces spent the night. Somewhere around 11:00pm, they knocked on my bedroom door and asked if they could come in. Monster, the 3 year old, was so cute. She asked if she could draw on my boo boo again. I couldn't refuse. Silly, the 8 year old, drew some too.

After they wreaked havoc on my cast, they climbed up in bed with me and we all compared scars. Monster thought her mosquito bites were scars and Silly has as many scars as I do. Most of them won't stay scars though. She's a bit of a tomboy - like me - and has accumulated a few scratches this summer. I was surprised that she could remember how she got each and every one of those scratches.

They were going to stay and "camp out" in my room, but when they found out that the TV in my room didn't pick up the channel for Sponge Bob, they quickly excused themselves and told me goodnight. I think I might be a little offended that they picked a cartoon over hanging out with

But they both made it up to me before they left today. I got TWO...yes TWO...get well drawings from them. (Silly drew Sponge Bob's face on one of them though.) I'm gonna miss them when I go home.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Things I've learned since I've been back in Ft. Lauderdale...

I have the greatest friends and Mom and Step-dad in the world!
Passing out in front of your mom and having her try to catch you before your head smacks the concrete and her failing because you out weigh her and she breaks her fingernail off in your arm is quite painful.
Never go to the courthouse if you are on crutches because its pretty much guaranteed that you will have to walk about three miles to get to the room you need to be in and the crutches will give you blood blisters on each hand and make you feel like you have the shoulders of a football player.
No matter what the mood is of the people that surround me, its a given that I will make them laugh somehow and that will change their mood for the rest of the day for the better.
Taking a shower with your right leg in a cast is NOT easy! (Unless you are a I'm not.)
Its nearly impossible to find a comfortable position to sleep with ten pillows under your heavy, casted leg and your toes keep going numb.
It is totally impossible to have a great morning stretch with a cast and god-only-knows-how-many stitches under that cast. (You wake up real fast!)

I am such an independent person. Mom knows this and is always the first to point it out to me. So this cast thing is driving me nuts. I can't go in the kitchen and fend for myself because, with the crutches, I can't carry anything. Moving around the house is getting a bit easier. Mom has been pretty inventive and has came up with a few good ideas to help me out when I'm at the house by myself. My favorite so far is her filling up water bottles with super sweet crack tea and leaving them in the fridge. I can easily stuff a bottle in my pocket and take it around with me where ever I go. Two thumbs up on that one because I was getting tired of drinking water.

In other incarcerated brother got sprung yesterday. We went to his bond hearing. Man, the state attorney was hell bent on getting any possible money she could out of us to get him out. It was a surprise to all of us when my bro's attorney called my mom up as a witness or something. Mom handled it like a pro and the judge let my bro go without us having to pay a dime. Mom rocks...I just hope my brother starts to appreciate her for all she has done for us.

I had a talk with him last night. He made all kinds of promises that I've heard from his mouth at least a million times. I can only pray that he means them this time. I did point out to him that what he has been doing is slowly killing our mother. I mean, God, she has to take all kinds of medications now...for her nerves, for stress, for sleep. It sucks and I know its because my brother makes her worry so fucking much. I don't know...I'll just keep my fingers crossed that he will change his ways and Mom will get back to good.

My buddy, my pal, KC has been hanging out with me whenever she can. Its really great the way we picked up our friendship like we weren't out of touch for 16 years. I didn't realize how much I missed her friendship until I actually saw her again. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't let that happen again.

Last but not least...The CLC girls.
Star, Walker, Bruiser, Peace, Dimes, and gals are fucking hilarious. Thank you, thank you very much for such a great time last night. It was so great to see Ash and Candy sober. Lani, WELCOME to the circus! Fair warning hurt my girl Dimes and I break your Hey...I think Lani earned a nickname last night...Animal. It suits her.

I absolutely and completely miss J. I swear its like I'm missing a vital organ or something. Kind of like I'm lost in the dark too. Crazy.

Pictures and wild and crazy stories will soon be posted.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Down South

Hey girls and girls...
I'm still kicking but its been a rough couple of days.

I flew into Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Wednesday. I was greeted at the airport by my beautiful mom and my friend KC.
A little bit about KC...she is a friend from high school. We met in tenth grade in our 7th period class. She was sitting in front of me and turned around and said, "Are you in a band?"
I smiled. "Not right now."
She smiled back, "Do you wanna be?"
And that is how our friendship started. Me, her, and MP became the best of friends real quick but we all lost touch for a very long time. A few months ago, KC sent me a message on Facebook asking if I remembered her. I wrote her back saying, "How could I forget you? We only skipped an entire month of school together and watched North Shore frontwards and backwards until we knew the dialogue by heart. So when I saw her after 16 years of being apart, it was like we never lost touch.

Well, the plane ride was bumpy but of course I loved it. I sat beside a lady that was from Maine. She was nice and talked to me a lot. Mom took us out to Chili's and me and KC caught mom up on all the bad things we did in high school. I think Mom is still in shock.

KC and I spent the night checking out all the places we used to hang out at when we were kids. Everything has changed so much. We ended our nostalgic journey at the pier at the end of Atlantic Blvd. It used to be a cool place with a bar and restaurant called Fisherman's Wharf. I actually met Jerry Garcia there one night . But the bar is gone along with the bait shop and restaurant.

As we were walking toward the ocean, we got caught in the spotlight of a police helicopter. That should have been our first sign to get the hell out of the area. But we were determined and kept walking. Well...we ended up in the middle of a stand off and the cops shot the guy three times. What can I say...hanging out with me is always exciting (and sometimes dangerous.)

I got my foot surgery on Friday and now my right leg is in a cast. Its quite painful at times but I'm dealing with it.

I gave my mom a scare yesterday morning. It was pretty hot outside but I needed t sit out there because if I stay in the house too long, I get bad migraines. She came out to check on me and I decided to go in. As soon as I stood, I got dizzy and nauseous. Yeah, I passed out and apparently hit my head pretty hard. I woke up to my mom screaming for my step dad to call 911 and my step dad standing in front of me in his underwear. But I'm fine, just a knot on my head and a little embarrassment. Mom tried like hell to catch me but couldn't. I broke her nail in the fall. I think the first thing I said to them when I finally cleared my head was, "I'm sorry I made you worry mom." That is so like me.

The next thirty days are full up. The girls from Crazy Lesbian Circus are planning something (you know you can't lie to me, Starr) and all the friends that found me on Facebook have been offering dinner! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

I miss J like mad. So far, so good with the dogs. Aspen didn't eat the first night I was gone but J tricked her into eating the next night. (She mixed cat food in with their food. Aspens'

I'm sure I'll be updating more now that I'm settled down here.
Until then...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Insert catchy title here...

Its official. My dog, Aspen, is pissed off that I'm leaving. She went from following me around the house constantly to ignoring me now. J is going to have her hands full with that one.

I hope everyone had a great Fourth. We went to Helen. They had a decent fireworks show.

I was talking with KC today. She's going to ride to the airport with my mom to pick me up.
She said, "How the hell are we going to go surfing with you on crutches?"
I had to laugh. Because, secretly, I've been trying to think of a way for me to surf too. (Don't tell J.) I figured a plastic bag and a whole bunch of duct tape would work for the cast but I'm sure my balance and swimming would be for shit. So yeah, that idea is out.
So I told her, "We can go with Stefro and I'll watch from the sand."
"That would totally suck," she laughed.

It wouldn't totally suck. I'd be with friends at the one place I can say I truly love...the ocean.

I got an email from my friend TLee the other day. She said, "B! My life sucks! Call me, ASAP."

So I called her. We hadn't talked in about three years, so after a quick catch up, I finally got her to tell me why her life sucks. It was simple...she's lonely.
She says she's going to come and see me when I'm down south. She lives near Daytona so its a bit of a drive, well, boring really.

The list is getting long. I might have to take an appointment book with But it makes me feel good to have all these friends who want to spend time with me.

Hey at your house? What do ya say???

Countdown....38 hours.
This sucks.
I miss her already.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dogs are people too!

Well...CJ gave birth to three puppies and none of them made it. It was sad. But the bright side is that CJ is doing fine and moving around much better.

Other dog news...
My oldest dog, Aspen, has been acting real strange lately. She hasn't been eating much and she spends most of her time whining at me. And if she's not whining, she's staring.

J and I both think its because somehow she knows I'm leaving. She won't let me out of her sight and when I'm relaxing on the couch, reading, she has to sit on my lap. It wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't a seventy-something pound pit bull.

*She is actually staring at me right now.*

The last time I went out of town for a few days, she peed on J's pillow. I think Aspen might have assumed that J made me leave or something. (Kids, ha!) J has been telling me to talk to her and let her know that I will be back and all that good stuff. And she told me to remind her that the bed is for sleeping...not bathroom breaks.

Believe it or not, Aspen will talk to me on the phone. I swear, its like she's telling on J or something because when I say hi to her, she starts with this really out of tune singing and won't stop until the phone is pulled away. The last time I scolded her about what she had done to J's pillow and she actually barked at me like she was back sassing me or something.

I will miss Aspen and Brody (our younger dog) terribly. But they should love it that I'm going out of town. They will both be able to sleep in the bed with J. Something they haven't been able to do since we moved up to Georgia. (I'm too allergic and this room is much smaller than our room in Florida was.)

But...I will miss J the most. J thinks that is what Aspen is sensing. Dogs are smarter than most give them credit for. They have personality's and habits just like the upright walkers. But Aspen will never let me forget that she has feelings too.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy July 4th!