Monday, August 31, 2009


I have been a little busy editing one of the books I've written and today, I decided to sit outside and read. I don't think I saw the sun come out at all today. Its been overcast and gray. I love it. I noticed it was a little cool when I took a seat on the wooden steps but I really didn't pay it that much attention. Then, I became so absorbed in my reading that it took me an hour to figure out that I was freezing. Someone please tell me where the summer went?

Other than the weather, I really don't have much to write about. Well, I could write a ton about J but its all mushy stuff that I'm sure would bore the hell out of you.

But I do have something to share. Another blogger. A pro surfer/model that writes about her incredible journeys as she travels the world surfing and working. So if you have a minute...check out Holly Beck. She is a great writer and has some amazing pictures that she shares.

Surf is UP!
(I already miss the ocean again.)

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Silly, but I just NOW realized how much J had missed me while I was gone. I hadn't realized until this moment that since she picked me up from the airport until right now, we have been together. I mean, she has not left my side. Everywhere she's gone she's taken me with her. Everywhere I've wanted to go, she's gone with me. And when she left earlier to go to her grandmothers, she must have asked me a million times if I was sure I didn't want to go. And then she said, "I don't like it when I'm not with you."

I missed her too and I miss her right now.

Anyway, since I have a little time and its been a while...Back Then...

Now matter how hard I scrubbed that morning, I still felt dirty. The sketchy details of the night before's events were enough to make me puke. I allowed Rich to touch me. I allowed him to kiss me. And what scared me the most was all the details I couldn't remember. The only thing I was sure of was that we didn't have sex.

Two days. Two more days until school started. I just had to avoid everyone for two days. Sounded easy enough. Hmph.

By the time I got out of the shower, Mom was home. I said hello and good morning but went straight to my room. I pulled on some sweats and a tank, opened up my sketch book, and pulled on my headphones. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I'm a huge Joan Jett fan. So I turned Joan up as loud as I could and tried like hell to block out the rest of the world.

Sometime around my fifth or so drawing and my third Joan tape, Mom came in my room and lifted my headphones from my ears.
"I guess you had some friends over last night," she grinned.
"A few. But no one was inside, I promise. Well, except for LG but that was only for five minutes," I explained. "How did you know?"

She took my sketch book and flipped through the pages. "The trash can was full of alcoholic containers. No one left here drunk, did they?"

"No. No one left until early this morning."

"Were you drinking?" she asked.

It wasn't a lie. "No, I wasn't." I knew I didn't drink but I had no idea what I did have in my system.

"Good. I trust you," she smiled. "LG's out front. She says she needs to talk to you." I started to protest but Mom stopped me. "I tried to get her to go away but she says its very important and says she won't leave until you come and talk to her."

I groaned and rubbed my hands over my face. "All right."

I got up and pulled on a T-shirt as I rummaged through my drawer for some socks. Mom sat on the edge of my bed watching me with curiosity.

"What is going on between you and LG? I know you have been trying to stay away from her. Is there something I might be able to help you with?" Her concern made me want to answer.

But that question I couldn't answer truthfully. "It's cool, Ma. Like I said before, I just don't like some of the people she hangs out with. And, well, she's not really a good friend."

Mom stood and walked towards my door. "Do you want me to tell her that I forbid you from hanging out with her?"

"Nah. It will ruin your "cool Mom" reputation," I joked.

Mom laughed and left the room.

I slipped into my Airwalks and grabbed my smokes as I headed for the door.

LG was leaning against the wall behind the door. I was beginning to hate that damn smirk of hers. I lit a smoke and stood next to her. "What is so important?" I asked.

She stood up straight and turned so that she was facing me. I guess she wanted a good view of my face so she knew whether or not she needed to run or take cover. "I was going to head over to RM's later and wanted to know if you were gonna come too."

"Nah. Thanks. What the hell makes you think I would want to go anyway? I can't stand that jerk." I should have known her next words were going to sting when she took a step back.

"Because your boyfriend will be there," she smiled.

I choked on the smoke and dropped my cigarette. "Real funny, LG. I don't have a fucking boyfriend." I looked in her eyes as she kept smiling at me. That smile that meant she knew something I didn't but should. "What the fuck, LG."

"Man, I guess you were more messed up than we thought. Rich asked you out last night and you," I clenched my fists and she took another step back, "you said yes."

"The fuck I did. Bullshit." I got in her face. "This is just another one of those fucking lies you made up so you can hang out with RM. I'm not playing along. If you want to be with RM then break up with KK so you don't have to make up all these fucking stories and lies." I shoved her out of the way and started in the front door.

"If you don't believe me, ask Sam."

I paused for a second. What did she know about Sam?

LG grabbed my shoulder. "What is it with you two anyway? She kept sneaking you off last night."

"Its none of your fucking business," I hissed. It wasn't. And God knows that if LG did know what was going on between me and Sam, everyone in the neighborhood would know. "Leave her out of this."

"Hey," LG put her hands up in surrender, "all I know is that she seemed a little upset after Rich asked you out and you said yes. So yeah, if you don't believe me, ask her."

LG was still talking but I was feeling kind of numb. I walked in the house and slammed the door behind me. I was tempted to try and call Sam but I figured if what LG said was true, then I needed to see her in person. I don't know why I felt that way. Its not like there was anything between us anyway except a few hot make out sessions. She had a horrible boyfriend and I was pretty sure she wasn't going to leave him to be with me. And I was thinking...hmph, like I would ever seriously date a girl.

Teenagers. So little do we actually know sometimes.

Looked like I was going to show up at a party after all.

Not anymore

I grew up in South Florida. I'm pretty sure I have lived in every city there is in Broward County. I went to seven different elementary schools because my father moved us around a lot. Later in life, I started two businesses in that county and they expanded to cover the tri-counties - Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach. (One of the businesses actually went state wide.) I have lived through the changes that have made the areas what they are today.

I heard a song today. Not sure who sings it or what the actual title of the song was but I'm sure its something close to "If the South Would've Won." There was a line in the song that went something like this: We'd put Florida on the right track because we'd take Miami back.

When I heard that line I had to laugh...but then it kind of made me sad.

When I was a kid, Miami wasn't no where near as bad as it is today. There were a few bad spots that the white people were warned to stay away from - Overtown and Liberty City are the ones I can remember. But over all, it wasn't such a bad place. It had beautiful beaches and Krispy Kreme doughnuts and even a White Castle somewhere. Places I remember my parents taking me from time to time. Now, my mom wouldn't go down there if you paid her and my dad only goes there if he has work that way.

It has changed. Not in a good way either. Sure...they still have South Beach, Star Island, a few other nice places (my mind is blank on the names). But the rest of it... I'm sure you've seen that TV show, The First 48.

Last night, me and J were at her grandmother's house. I was watching LA Ink (Kat Von D...need I say more) and then a show called Police Women of Broward County came on. J explained to her grandmother that all these places they were showing were where we used to do business and one of the places they showed was were we used to park all of our trucks (near Hammondville Road and Powerline Road). Then J told her that we used to live not too far from there. Her grandmother watched the show and at the end she said, "I'm glad you girls don't live down there anymore."

Sadly, I'm glad we don't live there either. My home town. The place I know by heart. I hate it.

And the show didn't really show the real bad stuff. Things like a tourist being shot to death as he tried to make a call at a phone booth in broad daylight with his wife sitting in the car in front of him. Or the drive-by shooting that happened two houses down from me in broad daylight while my little brother was playing in the front yard. Or how that same gang came back that same night and shot up the place again because they realized they got the wrong house that day. Or how some guy was stabbed in the middle of the night and he hid behind my aunt's Tahoe -bleeding to death- then staggered two houses down and died in the back yard.

All these things happened in places that, at one time, were beautiful neighborhoods where neighbors would have hurricane block parties and huge barbecue's where everyone was invited. Where we all knew each other and kids could play freely outside and you didn't have to worry about them. Where you could have nice things in your yard and no one would steal them. You could leave your bike in the carport and your cars unlocked. You could even sleep with your windows open.

Not anymore. I am a fourth generation Floridian and will most likely never live there again. Its slowly becoming a dirty dump, full of crime and disgusting people. Definitely not a place I would raise my children.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wrecking and writing

Last night, chilling and watching TV with my girl, when this new show comes on. Crash Course.

I'm thinking...too easy! Hell, I used to drive 20 or more hours a day in Miami/Broward/Palm Beach counties traffic. In a tractor trailer no less. (Trust me. IT IS HELL. Especially when its snowbird season.) I could do Crash Course blindfolded and enjoy every second of it.

Besides...I would finally get the opportunity to take out all of those years of pent up road rage and no one would get hurt. Well, I might and maybe my passenger but we'd have the time of our lives! Can't beat it.
And J said she wants to be my partner on the show. Yeah, I'm in shock too. Next auditions...we will be there.

Change subject...

A while ago, I wrote about my laptop dying on me. I was lucky and able to save all the things I had been writing. The computer I'm on now is J's computer. We use it for the internet and she uses it for trading. I use it for my writing. One reason being is J's work computer and she needs it during the day. I used to write while she was working. Obviously, I can't now. The other reason is...with my laptop, I could sit outside in the sun, in the quiet, without interruptions from the dogs or the phone or J or Mick. Just me and my stories...easy my zone. Aikona! Not happening on this comp.

So this past weekend, I was sitting at my desk and looked over a J's desk. Behind her comp was sitting my old comp. When I say old, I mean old. I bought it with her when we first got together...uh, almost nine years ago. (OMG! It is going to be nine years soon!) I figured I could hook it up on my desk and I would at least have my own comp to write on.

I lugged the ancient two ton monitor from behind her flat screen over to my desk. I crawl under her desk to find the rest of it. About an hour later, I got it all set up. I had to alter my desk to fit the huge monitor. I routed all the wires so they wouldn't get tangled in my chair. I sat down in my chair thinking...finally.

All happy with myself for thinking of the old comp, I start it up. A few snaps, crackles, beeps, and some unidentifiable sounds. No worries, right. The Microsoft screen comes up then an old Otep drawing that I had made my wallpaper popped up. Cool. I plug in my Micro Vault. I open the folders. BAM! "Cannot open" pops up because it cannot find the program that made the file. FUCK!

I kicked myself repeatedly for not remembering that technology is ancient the year after it hits the market and the computer -being so old- wouldn't have Microsoft Works Word Processor on it. I'm stupid...I know, Where's my sign?

We have been shopping to replace my laptop a few times. But the only places we have to shop for computers around here is Walmart and uh...Walmart. I am truly in the sticks, folks and yes there are two Walmart's. We have checked out a few online too. And now, J's got me thinking about switching to a Mac. Choices...hmph.

I'm not sure which way I will go but I do know that if I don't get a comp soon, I'm going to drive J to drinking. Wait...that doesn't sound half bad because when she's drunk she...TMI.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Otep...what more can I say?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


While I was away, Mick sold his four wheeler. The four wheeler that I loved to ride and had this kick ass track around the property for. When J called and told me this, I was...a little sad. And then I started to freak. I'm so not a country girl and I get bored very easily. I always have to be doing something or I will go crazy.

Major dilemma. No four wheeler. What the hell am I gonna do?

Not like I can do much yet. Although I no longer have a cast, I am in a removable boot thing that is bulky and not very conducive for physical activities. It actually looks like something Marilyn Manson would wear. But in two weeks - finally - it comes off.

So I've been thinking about it. What will I do? We have two tractors. Fun if you want to demolish stuff or dig holes but they are way too slow to have any real fun on. I came up with two ideas.

The first is to buy another four wheeler or a dirt bike. The old four wheeler was a 4x4 so it sucked for digging in the berms or fish tails or fast turns. If I buy a new one, it will definitely be two wheel drive. Maybe a Banshee or something similar.

My second idea was to just buy a street bike. That way I'm not confined to the property and we could actually go places on it. A nice ride to Brasstown Bald or a cruise through Helen. But J thinks I'M too dangerous to own one and she would most likely be afraid to ride with me. But

Well, I got two weeks to decide. Maybe I should just flip a coin.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Done with home

I think I'll sum up the rest of my Florida trip tonight.

Mom was looking much better than the last time I saw her. She looked a little thinner but not unhealthy. It pained me to find out she was taking medications for her nerves and to sleep. But, staying at her house with her husband and my brother, I understand why she has to take them.

When my brother got out of jail and came back to her house, the entire vibe of the house changed. For some reason, it seems our step father has some kind of deep hate for my brother. I don't really get it but I never realized how bad it was until I was living with it. Honestly, I'm surprised my mom's not an alcoholic.

Anyhow, I was glad to be there. I now know what my brother has been trying to tell me for the last year. Step dad isn't the "great guy" he tried to trick us all into believing he was.

So me and my brother tried to keep Mom out of the house and away from his negative rampages. We took her to Border's and relaxed. We went shopping with her at the mall. We spent time with just her and it seemed to make her more at ease.

Sadly, I fear for my Mom's life. It feels kind of silly typing that out but I have to say it somewhere. The scary part is that my brother feels the same way. When I found that out, I had to say something to Mom. I think it upset her that we felt that way. She explained that she wasn't upset with me and Bud, but that she was upset that her husband made us feel that way. But then she said that she is in no way afraid of her husband. I have to just trust that for now. But I made my brother promise that if he ever saw step dad get crazy that he would make Mom leave. Fuck the house and the cars, her life is much more important.

Dad has proved that...well, he really isn't much of a dad. I was finally able to get him to hang out with us one night. We (me, Bud, KC and her husband) met up with him at a bar that he usually plays darts at. He was cool, bought us all drinks, and then kicked in with telling us all about the things that he's been doing with his new family. Usually, I don't mind listening, but watching my brothers face fill with pain sucked. It felt like Dad was rubbing it all in my bro's face. All the things that my brother wanted to do with Dad and Dad never showed up for, Dad is now doing with his youngest two kids. Simple things like fishing, camping, sports and such. I was waiting for my brother to explode on our dad. It must have taken Bud a lot of will power to keep from shoving Dad's cell phone down his throat.

Anyway, I wanted to see my step mom and two younger siblings before I left Florida. Since I was unable to drive (surgery) I told Dad to just come and pick me up one weekend or something. Well, it came down to the last night I was in town and I called. He said he'd pick me up. I waited, and waited, and usual. I was shocked when he finally did call (he usually just doesn't show and calls a few weeks later). Same old excuses and I pretty much said whatever. Typical Dad.

So I didn't get to see my youngest brother and sister. I didn't get to see my other sister either but that was because she lived three hours north of where I was and wasn't able to take a day off of work. I didn't bother trying to see my aunt and uncle (for reasons I won't bother to explain.)

But like I said before...I got to see and hang out with the people that count.
My nieces
My God-daughter and her brother
And the girls from the CLC!
I love all of you and miss you like mad.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

6 points to A1A

I met Starr first. And then, slowly, the rest of the Crazy Lesbian Circus gals appeared. They came to be some of the best friends I've ever had. And they really know how to have fun!

The plan was to head out to five points and then maybe hit up a few places on Las Olas. But...we had to get out of Starr's house first.

A thing or two about Starr. She is drop dead gorgeous. Amazing on the inside. And filthy rich...or as she would say, "living comfortable." She is a writer. Not just books, but articles for papers and she even wrote some of that TV show stuff. She's smart, beautiful. The total package.

Starr's house is like a huge grown-ups playground. You can play any of the game systems on a screen that is like 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide. She has a room full of musical equipment that she hardly knows how to play. There are secret doors and slides and a huge room full of really big pillows. (The best pillow fighting arena in the world.) Surfing out her back door and even a quarter pipe for all your skateboarding/rollerblading/bicycling needs. Its crazy. She even has her own bar. Like a real dance club in her house. So why go anywhere else?

Eye candy. Five points is crawling with it. Its kind of in the center of Broward County's gayest city. We call it five points but the city does have a name. I'll make you look it up. There are a few lesbian bars, good eats, and, like I already said, eye candy. (I swear I didn't look at a single girl J.)

Finally convinced that we really needed to leave Starr's place, we headed to five points. A quick bite at Rosie's and we headed across the street. Packed, shoulder to shoulder, we finally made our way to the bar. Totally standing room only. By a quick nodded agreement, we left. Crutches in a packed bar = not too easy.

We checked a few of the other places we used to hang out. Not as packed but not as full either. Next stop, Las Olas. By this point, my shoulders were burning from walking with the crutches so Bruiser, being the gentleman she is, gave me a piggyback ride. Yes...I said piggyback. Candy and Ash carried my crutches and alternately took turns jabbing me and Bruiser in the ass with them.

We finally found a hopping place that wasn't overflowing and staked claim on a table near the front. Most of the Circus girls were doing shots as I told them about the ATV track I was thinking about building. Me, Candy, and Ash were doing shots of Red Bull just for laughs.

Leave it to Bruiser to spot a damsel in distress while we are out having a good time. One thing led to another and we were all outside stopping some guy from slapping his girl around. Turned out, the guy had a lot of friends. Ten of us and fifteen or so of them and their bitchy girlfriends. Lucky for them, the cops showed up just in time. (You'd have to know Bruiser to understand why I said lucky for Lucky for us though...I knew one of the officers. The officer was married to a long-time family friend. So he let us go.

We headed to the strip and my piggyback ride was attracting attention. Tourists with their camera's...sheeesh! I'm pretty sure some weirdo will post a picture of my ass in their "Our trip to Ft. Lauderdale" photo album. Hell, it might have even been in the I can see the headline now: Girl With Broken Leg Gets Carried Down Ft. Lauderdale Strip By An Insanely Muscular Butch Woman. Insanely might be pushing but...I love you Bruiser.

After a few more drinks here and there, we ended up on the wall watching the bobbing lights of the cargo ships as they entered and exited the port. I listened as each of the girls told me why I needed to move back to Florida. As convincing and logical as all their reasons were, I had to shoot them down. At least for a little while. I stressed the fact that I really needed the stress free living right now and they finally let it be.

Memories to note:
Candy trying to break dance with my crutches.
Bruiser shaking her ass on the dance floor.
Starr's stalker.
Dimes and Lani's kiss that earned them twenty-six bucks from the college guys that wouldn't stop drooling.
Peace trying to sweet talk the cops before she figured out they were letting us go.
And Walker's 'never ending story' rendition of why she refuses to get into another relationship and the way she moved when we dropped the ice down the back of her shirt. (I swear it was Candy's idea.)

My applause ladies.

By the end of the night...or maybe it was early, Candy, and Ash were bouncing off the walls while the rest of the crew was holding them up. I swear I will never touch another Red Bull as long as I live. It's worse than the diesel fuel coffee that they sell in truck stops.

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A View on Outrage

I've never in my life watched the view. Too many women without a script and it gets hard to tell who is saying what. Its like a family gathering where the women are blaming each others kids for corrupting theirs. (Okay, maybe you would have to be a member of my family to understand that one but...*shrugs*)

I can hear someone mumbling, "But Rosie was on the show?"
She was but I'm not a fan. I think she is a great actress and comedian but I do not see eye to eye with her on certain political views.

Anyhow, I was flipping through our five channels this morning when the words "Gay Rights" caught my ears. Shocked that anything as such would be on The View (without Rosie there), I had to watch. Now, I'm not big on politics. Never have been really, but J...well, that's another story. But I've never voted for someone who voted against my rights. And honestly, I can't believe I'm bringing anything political to my blog.

But it seems that Mr. Kirby Dick has teamed up with a reporter, I think his name was Mike, and they have made a documentary on outing politicians. Closeted politicians. Closeted politicians that vote against...AGAINST...our rights. Our LGTB rights.

I'm not sure if anyone has written anything about this movie yet...remember I was in Florida for a month and didn't see much TV or get on the computer much. I was completely cut off from "the world" for 36 days and it was GREAT! But I'd like to know other peoples opinion on this movie.

Here is a link to the site.
Watch it. Read the synopsis. Tell me what you think.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Family time

I think I finally caught up on all the blogs I've been reading. It only took me five days...hmph.

One of the best things about my Florida trip was being able to take my mom and two nieces to Sea World. It was a trip of firsts for my nieces. Their first road trip without their parents. Their first time staying at a hotel. And the most important first...their first time at Sea World. And I got to be a part of that.

The trip started off a little bumpy. Silly got sick after a dinner stop at Cracker Barrel. So, instead of a three hour drive, it ended up being a six hour drive. But everything turned towards good when we got to the hotel. Honestly, it was one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed at.

We were on the eighth floor and Silly and Boo ran to the window to look out over the city lights and were speechless when they saw Sea World below. Yeah, the hotel was right in front of the place. After a round of showers and a million questions about what they would see the next day, the girls finally fell asleep.

The alarm went off early. Silly was out of bed and dressed for the day but Boo was a little slower. She's actually a little grumpy in the morning. She must get that from my bro. We skipped a sit down breakfast and opted for the breakfast bars mom supplied as we waited for the bus that would take us to the park. The girls were on the edge of their seats and I think I was just as excited knowing that they were going to have a great day with the ocean life they had been learning about in school.

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed on the new roller coaster, Manta, or any of the other rides at Sea World. My recent surgery and the boot on my leg hindered my adrenaline fix. I tried to convince Mom to take the girls on at least one of the coasters but there was no way in hell. But she did take them on some of the kiddie rides. (Shhh...but I think she had more fun on those rides than the girls.)

We got to pet the dolphins and stingrays. We walked through the shark tunnel (Silly's fave). Checked out the penguins and the girls got splashed by Shamu. We watched some cool shows and the girls learned the difference between a penguin and a puffin. We had a great time and it didn't rain on us until right before we left.

Memorable snapshots:
Silly's face on the giant crab ride.
Mom riding a giant Dori fish on the carousel and the smile on her face that I haven't seen in years.
Boo, when the fish in the stingray petting area splashed her.

The look of shock when the ice cold water that Shamu splashed on the girls soaked them completely. Boo actually stood and started to run.

Eating lunch and listening to the girls talk about how much fun they were having.
But the trophy goes amazing stress free day for my family filled with smiles and laughter.

When we got back to the hotel, the girls went swimming...pretending to be the sea life they had met earlier that day. Then we had a great dinner at the hotel restaurant. To complete the great day, we watched Sea World's firework show from our hotel window. Really cool.

Beach Party

It wouldn't be a great trip to Florida without hanging out with my Circus Gals.

Okay...there were several reasons and many people that made it a good trip but, according to the CLC, they are the only ones that count.

First, I must set the scene. Without revealing Starr's identity and address I can only tell you that she has an amazing house right on the ocean, north of the lighthouse. Private beach, lots of alcoholic beverages, crazy surfing on ripples, and a live band that happened to be the band Lani (Dimes' girl) drums for.

Starr kidnapped me. Picture a mob kidnapping with a blindfold and all. She must have rode around in circles to try to throw me off but I knew we'd be going to her place. Its true, she can't hide anything from me. Besides, its not a party if it isn't at her place.

I'd be lying if I said that I lingered in the house to say hello to all the faces that I haven't seen in a few months. Hell no. I went straight out the back door to the ocean. Starr definitely has one of the best slices of the beach anyone could ever hope to own. At least on the East side. I was tempted again to dive right in but I had forgotten my cast protector thing and, well, Walker was half dragging me back inside.

After about three dozen hugs and hello's, the band started in. Fucking amazing! And Lani is totally Animal on that set. I completely understand how she landed the unlandable Dimes. Anyway...I figured out that dancing on crutches kills your shoulders and that I suck at it. But it was still mad fun and I think I danced with everyone. I think.

I stayed away from the alcohol. Starr, being the coolest friend anyone could buy (inside joke), stayed sober with me (Candy and Ash were sober too). It wasn't long before the party moved to the beach. The boards came out and the half-assed surfing started. It was like a comedy fest. I don't think a single person stood for a wave (ripple) but it was hilarious watching them try. was about that time that I started really missing J. Thank the Goddess I wasn't drinking because I might have been a mess. And like she knew I was missing her pretty bad, J called. We got that connection. After my not-so-short but very sweet phone call, the sun had gone down and we moved to the fire pit. That quickly turned into a marshmallow fight that I completely lost since everyone was aiming for me, except me. Oh, and they weren't throwing the big marshmallows since those were for charring. Nope, they were throwing mini's. Mini's that, when I got home, I found in my hair, down my shirt, in my pockets, and one was in my shoe. (Thanks ladies.) It came close to turning into a fire breathing contest when someone found a bottle of 151.

It was a great time as usual. And it ended with a speed filled spin on the back of Candy's bike.
Thanks again, Starr and my fellow clowns from the Crazy Lesbian Circus. And don't worry, I'll write about our night at five points

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Retro Florida

More of Florida...

It was great to get to see a few of my old high school friends. I didn't get to catch up with all of them (and its not like I didn't try *clears throat* MP, DC) but I did get to see the ones that matter most. KC of course but also Stephro.

Picture an average height, close to thin surfer/stoner chick with the wildest blond hair ever imagined on a girl. Hence the name Stephro. I believe I wrote about our trip out on her dads boat but I wanted to add the pictures.

Her father tried to change my mind about getting in the water but all I could imagine was me falling off the raft and sinking with that damn cast on my leg. Besides, the water was a bit rough. Even now, though, when I look at the pictures, I wish I would have just cut the damn thing off so I could dive in at least once.

It seems so strange. We've all changed so much but we are still the same. Stephro is married with three adorable kids now but still the same scatter-brain, happy-go-lucky surfer chick. Her hair is much shorter and she is much thinner (She refused to tell us her thinning secret. Three kids and as thin as a rail.) but she is still constantly smiling and laughing and making us laugh at her air-headedness.
KC and I had to take away her cool card though. As we were riding to the intercoastal, I had a chance to check out her cd's. We let her slide on the children's cd's but Spice Girls? We ended up giving it back though. Towards the bottom of the stack were her usual favorite: Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead.

As far as KC and I go, we both gained some weight since school but its nothing that a little extra exercise and a better diet won't fix. But like Steph, KC is also married with a kid. A seventeen year old son. I knew about him when we were still in touch but we both had controlling piece of shit boyfriends and (I blame the guys) we lost touch. Me, well I was married before both of them and divorced before Stephro got married and thankfully, I didn't have any kids from that jerk.

But we are all grownups and responsible. Unlike our take-no-shit, fuck-authority, rebellious youthful selves we once were. Okay, I'm still youthful and think I'm invincible but still...

It was good times and I wish I could have hung out a little more with Steph. I wish we all could have met up with MP. But MP was either really too busy or maybe she has a problem with me being gay. We weren't sure but we did have a great time without her.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Luck of the crutch

Gather around...its story time!

Not a back then story but a story none the less. I have 36 days of stories in my head about my trip to Florida. I won't bore anyone with all the details, so I'll stick to the highlights.

KC did meet me at the airport with my mom and when I was all settled at my mom's, we went through a tour of our childhood. The cop thing (previous entry) was a little extreme but we still had a great time.

We lucked out really. KC just happened to live like three minutes away from my mom's so it was pretty easy for us to hang out. Especially since I couldn't drive. Before the surgery we went to see the movie Hangover . Very funny movie and afterwards, KC and I made a million laughter filled promises that we would never let that happen if we ever went to Vegas together.

I hung out with her and her family a lot. Her husband is pretty cool and her 17 year old son is a hottie. We watched the X Games together and some of the Dew Tour. It pisses me off that they don't televise the women's competitions. The only women's comp they showed was the mx race. And I think the only reason they showed it was because a hearing impaired girl won.

Anyway, KC and her family took me to the IMax theater to see the new Harry Potter movie. I had never been to an IMax theater before and the experience was pretty cool.

We got to the place early because KC wanted to get a good seat since it was a sold out show. We weren't the only ones thinking early was good because when we got there, the line was already pretty long.
But being on my crutches paid off. One of the workers tapped me on the shoulder and told me that I needed to go upstairs. Seems the entrance we were standing at would be too difficult to do with my crutches. So we rode the elevator up and were the first to be seated. Yep, we got the best seats in the house.

KC says every time I visit Florida I have to bring my crutches.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm back

Great news!!!!

And I have a ton to share...

but not tonight. I have a girl that needs some attention!