Thursday, April 22, 2010

Need to read

I need some new reading material. As far as I know, JD Glass, Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou, and Radclyffe haven't put out anything new and they are my faves. I did hear that Joan Jett has a book out and Cherie Curry revamped Neon Angels. I have the original Neon Angels somewhere. Has anyone read the new version?

Updates on my brother are minimal. You would think that these highly paid, well educated doctors would have been able to figure out what is wrong by now. But the news was good. He is getting better a little more each day. And I have been praying that he will come out of this with a new, positive outlook and never go back to his old ways.

I have to believe he will. I really don't want to lose my best friend to drugs. I've already lost too many already.


  1. Xenia and I are currently working on "Dying to Live", the fourth book in the Elite Operatives Series, which is set for release February 2011. Book 3, Missing Lynx, was released in February of this year. We're writing as fast as we can :) Thanks for the support.
    Kim Baldwin

  2. Whoa! Kim, thank you for commenting! I totally loved Missing Lynx (read it three times already) and I can't wait for Dying To Live. Wow...I'm still in shock that you commented on my blog. I am a big fan. Flight Risk and White Water Rendezvous are my favorites of yours, along with the EO series.
    Thanks again and I'm looking forward to the February release.